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The Micro Dawg is a mini version of the famous Bull Dawg lure which was the original soft plastic jerkbait.  This 4" Dawg is a very versatile lure and can be fished in many different fishing conditions.  Try using it like a jerkbait, crankbait, jig, twitch, or swim bait.  Be creative and do not be afraid to try something new.  Try a Micro Dawg today and hang on.  You may be surprised what it will catch.


The Nano Dawg is another NEW smaller version of the Bull Dawg lure.  We shrunk it even smaller to make this versatile lure available to all fishermen.  It comes in two sizes - 2.5" or 2" and is available in the following colors which are exactly the same as the Micro Dawgs:
  • Holo bluegill
  • Holo Blue Cisco
  • Holo Walleye
  • Natural Sucker
  • LOTW Perch
  • Glitteroil / Orange
  • Pearl White
  • Pumpkinseed / Glow
  • Blue/Black

The 2" Nano's come in 3 packs.