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The Shallow Bull Dawg goes where no Bull Dawg has gone before. Use this bait as a shallow jerk bait over shallow rocks, the tops of weeds, or any shallow cover.  It is available in Black, Black/Orange, Black/Glow, Cisco, Perch, Sherbert, and Walleye.  It comes in the Magnum or Regular sizes. This new Shallow Bull Dawg allows you to use it in nearly all fishing situations.  The Shallow Bull Dawg is indicated by a hole in the top fin.

  • Great for straight cranking over shallow weeds and shallow rocks
  • Runs about 1 to 2 feet on a medium retrieve and more shallow on a fast retrieve
  • Great vibration and water displacement for night fishing
  • Can be Paused and allowed to fall (helicopter) into pockets or on weed edges

MAG and REG weighted only in these great colors:

Bull Dozer Blades are added to the front of a Bull Dawg or a Heli Dawg to add vibration and flash. Attach to the front of the Dawg and use a straight steady retrieve. Great for low light and fishing after dark and in stained water. Can also be slow rolled during the day for great deep water action. As seen on Keyes Outdoors. Often used on dawgs so they can be reeled over shallow weed cover for explosive strikes.

They come in 3  sizes (#8, #9, and #10) and 5 colors in each size. Colors from left to right are Nickel, Orange, Gold, Chartreuse, and Black Nickel.

LURE DESCRIPTION:  The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft plastic lure. It is balanced with a jig head so it swims down at a 45 angle on the fall and swims horizontal on the retrieve.  The Bull Dawg can be used as a crankbait, jerkbait or a jig.  It is one of the most versatile lures on the market today.   When retrieved, it rocks back and forth as the curly tail waves frantically, a combination that drives large gamefish crazy.  The Bull Dawg literally comes alive in the water and feels so real that fish grab it and won't let go. 3 black dawgs.jpg (21656 bytes)
  • super magnum 15" 16 oz
  • magnum 12" 6oz with two 6/0 hooks
  • shallow magnum 12" 4oz with two 6/0 hooks
  • regular 9 " 3oz with two 3/0 hooks
  • shallow regular 9" 2oz two 3/0 hooks
  • spring 6"  1.5 oz with one 1/0 hook
LURE SPECIFICATIONS:  The Bull Dawg comes in three sizes - 12" Magnum, 9" Regular and 6" Spring (see photo) - for all large gamefish and all fishing situations.  The Bull Dawg can be counted down at about 1 foot per second allowing you to put the bait in the fishes face at any depth.
HOW TO FISH THE BULL DAWG:  Fish the Bull Dawg with a slow, medium, or very fast retrieve while twitching and jerking over weeds, on weed edges, and on or around structure.  When fishing at night, cast the Bull Dawg in similar areas that you would during the day and add a Bull Dawg Teaser for extra vibration.   This allows the fish to hone in on the Bull Dawg.  Crank the bait back to the boat with a slow, steady retrieve.  Since fish often inhale the lure without a fierce strike, you will feel only a subtle bump when the fish hits the lure.   When you feel this bump, set the hook and hang on!

INTRODUCING:  Economy Dawgs are made of the same great material and uses the same internal harness as our standard Bull Dawg.  However, they do not have glued in eyes and they do not have a protective clear coat.  The only thing economic about them is the price.


Apricot Sucker

Black Orange

Blue Cisco

Blue silver

Creme Sicle


Holo Walleye

Lemon Tail

LOTW Perch

Natural Sucker

Pearl White




Black Orange


Lemon Tail

Pearl White




Standard Black Blow

Standard Black Chartreuse

Standard Black

Standard Cisco

Standard GlitterOil

Standard Sherbert
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